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Callington Oval #2, 2014 Toy Run
  Welcome to the site of the Motorcycle Riders' Association of South Australia. The MRASA is the recognised voice for motorcycling with the Government. Please visit our about page for more information on what the MRASA is about.
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Great Escape Rally 2024
  Unfortunately, this years Great Escape Rally at Marrabel has been cancelled. A lot of work has been done to return the campsite to a safe condition following the severe windstorm but issues have arisen which means we will not be able to return this year. The site is not available to the public.
National Road Safety Data - Media Release 2 May 2024
  The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has been running a 'Data Saves Lives' campaign. The AMC has been a part of this campaign, acting at a national level for the benefit of all states. On 2 May 2024 Minister Catherine King published a media release containing two key elements.
  • New uniform crash data reporting requirements for states and territories are to be included in the next negotiated road funding agreements
  • An additional $21 million in funding for the National Road Safety Data Hub
The Commonwealth will look to improve data sharing from the states through the Goverments upcoming federation funding agreement negotiations. For the first time, the Federal Government will seek to include a provision in this negotiated agreement with the states, that will create a requirement for the provision of a nationally consistent data set.

View the AMC media release here.
View details on the overall campaign here.
Ridden-on Ride 2024
  The 2024 Ridden-on Ride will be held on Sunday 28th April. We will assemble at the Victoria Hotel, South Road, O'Halloran Hill. Tea & Coffee available at the Hotel from 8.30am. Ridden On Ride Badges will be available at $10.00 each. Departure is at 10am, for a ride to Second Valley. A short memorial service will be held on the back beach, followed by an optional ride to Victor Harbor for lunch. We hope to see you there to commemorate our mates who are no longer with us. Proceeds to the 4Bs. More information is available on the ROR page.
National Road Safety Week 2024
  Every year, approximately 1200 people are killed and another 40,000+ are seriously injured on Australian roads. Traffic injury is the biggest killer of Australian children under 15 and the second-biggest killer of all Australians aged between 15 and 24. These numbers are growing every year but are preventable if we choose to Drive So Others Survive!

I pledge to drive as if my loved ones are on the road ahead.
I will remove all distractions and never use my mobile phone while driving.
I will not put other people at risk by speeding, driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
I will protect all vulnerable road users, especially those whose job places them in harm's way, by slowing down and giving them the space they need to be safe.

Here is the link to sign the pledge.
New Life Members
  At the 2024 AGM the MRASA awarded Life Membership's to both Cathy Lux and Ebi Lux. They have truly exemplified what it means to be dedicated members of the motorcycling community. Their passion, hard work, and unwavering support for the MRA have not gone unnoticed. As Life Members, they will forever be recognized for their outstanding contributions and will continue to inspire others to follow in their footsteps. The MRASA is grateful for their continued involvement and looks forward to many more years of collaboration with these two exceptional individuals.
Notification of MRASA Inc. Annual General Meeting for 2024
  The Annual General Meeting of the MRASA Inc. will be held at 7pm on Monday 19th February 2024 at the MSA Hall, 251 The Parade, Beulah Park.

All positions of the Association listed below will be declared vacant and the following positions on the 2024-2025 committee will be filled through election.
  • President (Executive committee member)
  • Vice President (Executive committee member)
  • Secretary (Executive committee member)
  • Treasurer (Executive committee member)
  • Road Safety Officer
  • Minutes Secretary
  • Webmaster
  • Membership Secretary
  • Register Liaison Officer
  • Stock Control Officer
  • General Committee Representatives (number unspecified until the AGM)
  • Magazine Editor
At this meeting the Auditor for the 2024-2025 year will be appointed. All current financial members of the MRASA Inc are eligible to stand for election to one or more of the positions. Nominations should be in writing to the Secretary of the Association prior to the beginning of the AGM and evidence of current membership must be provided. All members are invited to attend the meeting.

A proxy form allows you to nominate another financial member to vote on your behalf. The nomination form will allow you to nominate yourself or another financial member for a position on the committee. These forms are available using the links below.

Proxy Form 2024 (form and information combined)
Nomination Form 2024 (A4 with two forms per page)

Sub Committee representatives to the MRASA committee include
  • Toy Run
  • Scooter Club
  • 4Bs
and will be elected by the sub-committee at meetings held within 4 weeks of the AGM.

Toy Run 2023 - Thank you
  On behalf of the MRASA I would like to say thank you to all who attended the MRASA Toy Run 2023. On a day when the weather was not in our favour, many braved the elements to bring in a gift or donation. We saw bikers, drivers and pedestrians donating. To all of you I say thank you, you will make a child's Christmas a day of happiness. You lived our motto, loud and clear.

It's more than a Ride, it's for the Kids.

To the bike riders who rode with us on our very short Toy Run, the public response was amazing. SAPOL gave us an uninterrupted ride. Our team of volunteers at Victoria Park, working tirelessly for the entire morning, making the experience as pleasant as possible in the damp conditions.

Of course, the Coffee Van and BBQ, were warmly welcomed. Attendance from SAPOL /DIT, First Care Medical and our MRASA tent were well patronized. Coast FM provided music and a few lively interviews. See you next year, for the MRASA Toy Run, 8th Dec 2024.

Cathy Lux
MRASA Toy Run Coordinator
On behalf of the Toy Run Committee.

Updated Helmet Legislation
  As of the 31st August 2023 it is legal to use an ECE 22.06 standard approved helmet in South Australia.

The MRASA is pleased to announce that the ECE 22.06 standard has been approved for use by the SA Government. Please refer to the updated page on My Licence website. For more information, visit our Helmet Information page.

Motorcycle Observation and Awareness Guide
  The motorcycle observation and awareness guide has been created by Stephen Bardsley. This guide targets all road users and has been prepared to inform and encourage a new approach to motorcycle rider awareness and road safety. It's goals are to:

  • assist drivers to better understand the importance of sharing roads with motorcycles
  • explain to drivers how a riders life can depend on their actions and reactions
  • inform drivers what are the causes of many accidents involving motorcycles
  • provide drivers with tips regarding motorcycle awareness, observation and safety
  • show drivers how improved motorcycle awareness & observation can save the lives of and prevent serious injuries to motorcycle riders
Road safety should be an equal and shared responsibility of all road users. Understanding other road users can make roads safer for all. Please search for this document online, you will find a copy available on Stephen's Linked-in page.

SAMRATS Ride Group Leaders
  Do you enjoy motorcycle group riding and know your way around the hills and surrounding districts reasonably well? Then you may consider becoming an MRASA ride group leader. As a leader, you will be required to chose start and finish points for Sunday rides on a rotational basis with other ride leaders. You will lead the ride along your favourite route, planning stops at bakeries and ultimately stopping somewhere for lunch before returning home. It's a great way to share riding in the local and not so local area and enjoy some riding company, whilst having a lot of fun. If you are interested in being a ride leader or want to know a bit more about the job please contact the Secretary via the contacts page.
MRASA Archives
  Here are the links to archived articles on the MRASA website.
These have been indexed by the year of posting.

  We welcome all interested people to attend our General Meetings. See the Meetings page for more details. MRASA Committee & General Meetings are held at the hall of Motorcycling South Australia, 251 The Parade Beulah Park.

The mid-year General Meeting will be held in July 2022.



























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